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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Ah! Mother's day weekend. Visions of breakfast in bed, flowers for mom, peaceful serene.....WHO AM I KIDDING! I must've been dreaming.

We had a truly jam-packed weekend for Mother's Day weekend. We started with M and I attending a high tea with my mother-in-law at her church, which was wonderful and fun. It was supposed to be for kids only 8 and up, but my 7-year-old held her own. We then left both kids with my MIL and drove to Athens, GA to see my cousin Brooke graduate from college. When we left the tea we had exactly 2 hours to drive about 75 miles, find parking, find our family in Sanford stadium, look presentable, and enjoy graduation. By some miracle we did so, and watched her graduate in style. I might add that her commencement speaker was Alton Brown, and he was immensely more entertaining than whoever my commencement speaker was when I graduated from UGA 10 years ago.

Note I said whoever, as in I don't remember who! We then met up with my ex-roommate Tommy and went to dinner. We spent the night at Tommy's house, only to rise and drive back to my MIL's in time to get the kids so she could go to church. Once she got out of church we took her lunch (Indian food-yum!) and then headed back to our house.

We all took a nap, got up and took my mom to dinner (Mexican food-yum!) Note in this several things-- I woke up without my kids on Mother's Day, I didn't get to attend my church, and after the Mexican food I was exhausted. But c'est la vie. It sounds bad, but I actually enjoyed most every minute of it. And M gifted me with several lovely things... a Rock n Roll necklace, a calendar, a portrait keychain, etc. I felt loved, and I hope both my hubby's mom and my mom did too.

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