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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jerk-Barbeque Chicken

I don't know if I ever mention it enough, but my husband rocks. And he's a great cook too. I do most of the cooking because I am working from home now and he is not, but when he gets in the kitchen I am always impressed. Last night, he made one of my favorite of his inventions.. jerk-barbeque chicken.

He is Jamaican, and oftentimes tends to be a real purist about Jamaican food, to the point he has walked out of a restaurant without trying the food, because "they don't have enough room to cook things properly." But for some reason, he felt adventurous one day and created this easy and delish masterpiece.

4 chicken quarters
1/2 cup Walkerswood jerk seasoning
1 cup bottle barbeque sauce
3 tbsp. water

Fire up your grill, whether it be charcoal or gas. (Charcoal adds a nice extra bit of flavor, but work with what you've got.) Using a meat cleaver, cut the chicken quarters, either in small pieces or simply separating thigh from drumstick. In a small bowl, mix jerk seasoning, water, and barbeque sauce. (In our case, we had a bottle of some off-brand barbeque sauce in the fridge that happened to be gluten-free.) Please note: jerk seasoning is very spicy. A little goes a long way. If you or your family don't eat spicy, you may want to adjust that ratio down a notch. For the baby, we grilled a plain drum. This was mild enough, however, for the 7-year old to eat with a lot of water.

Once your grill is ready, lay your chicken on the gril. Baste the chicken with your sauce, and watch the chicken carefully, sauces tend to catch flame. Flip the chicken regularly, and baste each time.

This is really delicious with almost anything. Heavenly, even. My husband is a genius!


  1. Jennifer I really enjoy your blog! You have some great ideas! Keep up the good work! Hope you and your family are well!