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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Birthday Luncheon

Well, the birthday lunch was a rousing success. The kids enjoyed the food, my husband and I enjoyed the food, and most importantly, the birthday girl loved it. And since I planned ahead (for once) making my stock ahead of time, and rising early to chop all my veggies, it wasn't even that hard.

To make the quinoa, I simply brought my Mushroom Stock to a boil, then threw in 2 cups of quinoa and about two handfuls of sliced fresh mushrooms. I let it boil, covered, for about 30 minutes. I think this was the birthday girl's favorite dish.

My husband handled the salmon. He took two separate lengths of salmon, about a pound each, and placed on a sheet of tin foil, topping each with the seasoning. One was jerk seasoned and one was lemon pepper. We like Walkerswood brand seasoning, it's not too salty and it has a good flavor. Warning: water it down! I would like to try to make my own, but haven't gotten around to it yet. He wrapped the salmon in the foil, leaving the top of the pouch open, and grilled them until they started to dry out on top. This gave them a medium-type of doneness, rather than a well-done (TOO dried out and gross) type of doneness. Both were a hit. The 7 year old was even able to handle the jerk because he watered down the concentrate appropriately.

And finally, I made individual platters of sliced fruit, as my mother-in-law doesn't really care for sweets at all, and my daughter declared it the BEST DESSERT EVER! I also added apples, which the picture doesn't show because I chopped them at the last minute so they wouldn't brown.

So, this, then, is how you can easily make a sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free meal, should you ever have to that is still a crowd pleaser. I hope you don't!

Coming up next-- the Gluten-Free Frog Leg Disaster.....

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