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Friday, May 21, 2010

Anniversary Dinner

The 19th marked our 3rd wedding anniversary.  This year we decided a date night IN would be the best way to celebrate.  We sent the kids to spend the night with my parents (thanks mom & dad) and had a date night in.

I gave my hubby a couple of choices, and he choice gyros (Yay!), and opted to stop and pick up the movie Avatar for us to watch.  We weren't really sure if it was kid-appropriate, so it was a great time to see it.  We also went ahead and watched the last two episodes of Desperate Housewives, to which we are both totally addicted.  (Don't let him fool you.)  I don't know what I was expecting, but Avatar was awesome.  If you are into sci-fi, anthropology, love, or special effects, it covers all of those bases.  My husband has good taste in movies.

As for the gyros, I did have to work that day, so I consulted Stephanie over at her blog for the recipe.  It was fantastic!  A definite keeper.  We each had 6 or 7 gyros.  Yes, I said 6 or 7. If the kids are at home, we'll have to use 2 lbs of meat.

We did make a couple of adjustments: I double the garlic in the tzaziki.  I also mixed the garlic and onions into the meat (because I can't follow directions) and used all lamb, no turkey.  It was to die for!  Once again, Stephanie rocks!  Oh, and we followed her suggestion to use corn tortillas to make them gluten-free.  We had standard (gluten-filled) beer for accompaniment, however, so perhaps we didn't do as well as we thought.

A note on that:  my husband's lower back has hurt him for two days.  I think we've both decided if we feel we must have a beer, that Redbridge, made by Budweiser and that IS gluten-free is the way to go.  We feel much better, less bloated, etc. etc.  Besides, what's the point in working this hard on the food and then drinking pretty much straight gluten?


  1. I don't have any gluten problems with Sapporo, a Japanese rice beer. Better than Redbridge, too.

  2. I didn't realize that Sapporo was gluten-free. Yum!