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Monday, July 26, 2010

Eating Gluten-free on Vacation

So we went on vacation to Orlando for a week, had to be gluten-free and use a limited budget.  That's hard. I planned a grocery list, looked up the sale fliers in the area, packed coupons to take, and even took groceries with me.  The plan, of course, went astray.

So why did we go on vacation when I just got laid off and we're broke?  We have a timeshare that we'd already paid for, and my mom paid for gas and groceries and went with me and the kids.

So what does one eat on a gluten-free diet on vacation?  Apparently lots of stuff.. I gained 4 pounds.

For dinners, we had:
-Steak, baked potatoes, salad, & grilled asparagus
-Fajitas (corn tortillas)
-Chicken Stir-Fry (made from scratch, gluten-free ingredients)
-Honey Mustard Chicken & Rice
We ate out once and had a leftover night.  For lunches we had wraps made with corn tortillas and gluten-free lunch meat.  We snacked on fruit, raw veggies, yogurt, and gluten-free popsicles.  Breakfast was eggs and turkey bacon and fruit.

The other snack was a delicious, delicious gluten-free cookie recipe that a friend posted on Facebook that she found on right here.  They were so good we had to make two batches! They used up ingredients we had on hand and were simple enough for a vacation that we intended to spend all by the pool!

So I have not posted mostly this week because I have been swimming, swimming, swimming.  *sigh*

Now that I'm home, can I have a nap?

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