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Monday, July 12, 2010

Composting with Kids

With summer in full force, I am always seeking ways to not only entertain the kids, but also get things done around the house.  This morning was definitely one with an aha! moment.  I was reading the other day that including shredded newspaper can help you to maintain a balance between "greens" and "browns," that is vegetable matter and dead organic materials so that everything breaks down more quickly and smells less.


It just so happens I have a subscription to the weekend paper, and I currently recycle it when we're done with it.  So that is covered.  But my shredder is broken.  And then, like a cartoon lightbulb, I had another AHA moment.


Yes, folks, I have two wonderful short people who are more than capable of shredding a newspaper.  So there you have it.  And I feel absolutely no guilt about having them do a "chore" that can be SO MUCH FUN.

They love it.  What a wonderful, green, learning, exciting, experience. *sigh*

I love my life. 

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