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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gluten-Free Corncakes and Homemade Blueberry Syrup

For some random reason, I woke up this morning, on a Saturday at 6:11 am.  The alarm didn't go off, there wasn't a child shaking my arm, it was literally for no reason.  But when I did wake up, I sprang up, full of energy, with one thought on my mind-- Corncakes.  I think, for some people, waking up thinking of food is odd.  For me it's kinda normal.  But I do think the thought of corncakes was kinda odd since I had never had any.

So I set about researching corncakes online, and of course, most of the recipes contain wheat flour.  I haven't really had the spare time to sit around and learn how to sub well with other types of flour, so I was looking for something made up of straight-up cornmeal.

Um, right.

I tried.  I, first of all, am not exactly the pancake goddess.  I flip too soon, or too late, and in this case my problem was only exacerbated by the fact that the pancakes I made were made of straight cornmeal.  So I made UGLY corncakes.  They tasted ok.  Nothing to write home about.  They were VERY filling, we each ate only 2 (with flour pancakes, my hubby can probably put away 6.)  They were, also, as my husbnad described them, "grainy." I thought they lacked sugar, too, even with syrup.  So perhaps I need to try again.

But while flipping the corncakes, I was inspired to make homemade blueberry syrup, since I had two pints of blueberries in the fridge.  And it, well it was just TO DIE FOR.  As a matter of fact, I have it resting on the stove, so that I can stir the remainder into some yogurt or just eat it straight in a bit.


-1 cup blueberries
-1 cup water
-2 tsp. sugar
-2 tsp. pomegranate balsalmic vinegar

Into a small saucepan, pour the blueberries and water.   Bring the mixture to a boil.  Keeping the mixture boiling, add in both the vinegar and the sugar. Stir regularly to be sure the sugar isn't sticking to the bottom of the pan.  Once the sugar is dissolved, reduce the heat to medium-low and let the mixture resolve.

You can serve this hot, in which case the syrup will be a bit runny, or let it cool in the pan, in which case it will be a bit syrupy.  The longer you cook it, the more the blueberries will break down and the less lumpy it will be.  I personally couldn't wait and ate it hot all over my corncakes. 

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