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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick 'N Easy Gluten-Free Lunch (or not) for Kids

I work from home but usually do not have the children with me.  Most of my time is spent on the phone, and I cannot properly give them the attention that they need and deserve.  Yesterday, however, my mom had a lunch meeting for her job and was unable to take them with her.  So she brought them over during my lunch break.  I had one hour to feed them, entertain them, and get them wound down enough so that they could go play quietly in the baby's room while I went back to work.  During my working time, I cooked some frozen peas up.  

I had to make a simple lunch, but at the same time wanted it to be nutritious (for the most part) and also something they would like.

To make this simple, when you are cooking a dinner, save leftover rice and/or pasta (plain) in the fridge, so you'll have it on hand.

For each bowl, you need:
1-2 cups starch (pasta or rice)
1/2 can tuna
1/4 cup peas
cheese (optional)
appropriate salad dressing (i.e. gluten free if needed)

Assemble the bowls, mix it up, and serve.  She ate hers with pasta and ranch dressing, he ate his with rice and italian dressing.  She tried a 2nd bowl without the peas and declared it was somewhat flavorless and the veggies were necessary.  (I gave myself an interior high-five on that one!)

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