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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Losing the Baby Weight

So my youngest is now the ripe old age of 16 months, and has been fully weaned for 2 months.  I have absolutely zero excuse for the fact that I still haven't lost my baby weight.  Prior to having him, fat for me was 135 pounds, after weaning, I was tipping the scales at 155 pounds.  Ack!

This is even worse because I worry so much about eating healthy and teaching my children how to eat healthy.  I am by no means fat, but I am not at a healthy size either.  Enter summer.

Looming ahead of me is at least an event or more that will require my attendance in a swimsuit.  Naturally, I only own bikinis.  Like 7 of them.  Since I am cheap, I refuse to buy a one-piece.  So I have set a goal, to get down to 128 pounds.  I've been working on it a bit already, and actually slacked off on writing for a couple of days.  I have been showing up at my parents' house at 6:15 each morning to walk around their neighborhood, dragging along my mom, her bulldog, and both kids.

I'm also trying to cut back on the junk that I sneak once the kids are in bed.  And I'm down to 143 at this point...
But I made a bet with my husband, that we'll both lose 15 pounds (from where we were a couple weeks back) by August, or we're shutting off the satellite service.

Hope it works.  Desperate Housewives will be coming back shortly thereafter.  I'd hate to be sneaking over to my moms' on Sunday nights......

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