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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer School

Summer is a long time for kids.  An eternity.  And although I do believe firmly in letting kids be kids--- having lots of time to play and explore, I don't believe in letting little brains turn to mush in 12 weeks.  So last year I instituted doing summer school at home.  M loves it!

This year we were gifted with the entire Lemony Snicket series, which I think I mentioned before, so we are utilizing it to really focus on her comprehension.  I know she reads the words fine, but I want to be sure going into 2nd grade she understands what she's reading.  Currently I have her doing 1 chapter a day with a variety of activities: defining words, summarizing chapters, composing songs about the chapter, making a poster, etc.

She also does 3-4 pages per day in a math workbook she brought home from school (at her request.)  And this week she is attending Bible School, which will help her with some of the most important type of learning (spiritual.)

So now I am in search of ideas to round out her summertime education. I don't want to overload her, but still.  I'm going to the library this afternoon, and will definitely be getting books on poisonous plants for this week, since we've already had a poison oak episode this summer. Ideally, I'd like to design a subject per week for her to enjoy.   I'll update as we complete/finish projects when I have really good ideas. If, perhaps I should say.

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