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Monday, June 7, 2010

Ways to Use Polenta

So a couple of days ago I made a big pot of polenta, and mentioned that you can slice the leftovers and save and use for a variety of uses.  Sliced polenta.  It's the weirdest thing.  It's all soupy, and then suddenly it's a solid.

I have heard of polenta served as a side dish, topped with marinara. Actually, it's very good.  And I have heard of a variety of other uses too.

But here is how we used our sliced polenta:

For breakfast, we either pan-fried slices in olive oil or toasted it in the toaster oven, and then topped it.  My family got creative.

1.) topped with grape jelly (all-natural, no sugar added)
2.) topped with a fried egg and a bit of butter
3.) topped with a fried egg and salsa and shredded cheese

and our favorite:
4.) topped with sundried tomato cream cheese, a fried (over easy) egg, and salsa.


Great way to use leftovers and get breakfast on the table quick.  I'm a fan of quick.

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