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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Diapers in a Hurry!

Yesterday I spent the day with M and her friend at Six Flags so there was no creativity for breakfast or dinner. As a matter of fact, after being there from 10:45am until 7:15pm, none of us ate dinner-- we all crashed too soon. But as a part of our Six Flags excursion, hand sanitizer leaked into my digital camera, and voila .. it is broken.

This whole week I have 3 kids. Which is actually pretty fun. Makes me want another. But at any rate, I have had to up my pace at diaper making as I am committed to not buying anymore after we run out. And I think we have about 4 in the house in diaper bags and such.

So on Monday I made this:
So today I managed to churn out two more diapers. One is really really cute, the other my bobbin wound badly and the whole thing looks nuts! But I am happy. I am getting quicker and neater and the whole process is getting easier. And I am managing to recycle otherwise useless material from around the house.

Tomorrow I am taking the girls out for half the day and then we're doing some crafts, perhaps I can at least get a shot with the webcam or camera phone and upload.

'Night ya'll!

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