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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


You never know what's going to strike our fancy, and for some reason this week I got it in my head to make bagels. From scratch. Maybe because my family loves them, maybe to see if I could, who knows?

So I decided to go plain for starters, and used the recipe from this website: because it is a recipe that includes the steps for boiling and baking, which makes a soft bagel on the inside and a tougher, chewier exterior.

It turns out making bagels is a rather all-day process. Of course, we could have shortened it, but I'm stubborn. Amongst the steps includes boiling a potato in two quarts of water. I decided to use the largest dutch oven I have, a rather heavy number. It took an hour for the water to boil... (I really could've switched pans, but I was determined!)

But after all the boiling, mixing, rising, etc. I shaped the bagels, because by this
time M had completely given up on me. And the bagels. She told me to call her when the bagels were done so she could "taste test." She wanted a bagel for lunch and didn't want to have anything until they were done. This being her way of both being stubborn (don't know where she gets THAT from) and also having complete faith that I can cook ANYTHING. But above you can see a picture of my raw, shaped bagels before they had done the final rise.

After boiling, which brought me back to the two weeks or so in college tha
t I was a doughnut maker at the Winn Dixie in Statesboro, I settled the bagels onto a cookie sheet to bake. M brushed each one carefully with egg whites, and....

They turned out a little on the small side, like mini-bagels, but they taste fantastic-- we taste tested several immediately! Guess we'll be making bagels again.....

On another note, each week this summer M and I are studying a different topic. Some she has chosen, some I've chosen. She is also beginning to learn French. But this week's theme is rocks. So she and S are gr
owing Rock candy....
So I'll have to do updates on how that is turning out.

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