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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diaper Duty

I think that, in spite of my sewing apparatus (see left) the diapers are coming along nicely. Although I am still having difficulties with the elastic, I am getting better at them overall. The ones with velcro are convenient enough that my six year old likes to change them (!!). Each one seems to work a little better than the last, and they do the job. R seems much more comfortable in them too, than the disposables.

Here's a couple more recent samples of my work:

One of my other moms saw an earlier blog regarding bread and bagels and decided I needed a breadmaker.....

And lo and behold, this beauty arrived the other day, courtesy of my best friend's mom and Wolfgang Puck.

I love it/hate it already! It cuts the time way way down. It makes perfect bread. It makes my handmade bread look pitiful.

But I made a loaf of sourdough (in 3 hours no less) this morning that turned out like this:

So thanks MamaLou!