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Monday, April 11, 2011

Can't Get Into the Kitchen!!!

So I haven't made a post in a few days, not for lack of wanting to. In fact, I'm itching to cook. I don't think I realized prior to this week how much cooking allows me to express my creativity and relieve some stress.

But I have issues.  We have been in this house for about a year and a half, and it's always had some issues. One of the biggest is that part of the kitchen floor started to sink shortly after we moved in.  It was a small spot, about 4 inches in diameter, so I sat the garbage can on top of it and forgot about it.

Then it GREW. and GREW SOME MORE. And then I started worrying that it swallow one of my children.  It was this lumpy, shaky, unsteady, bit of UGLY linoleum that was making me more paranoid by the day.  And eventually, after enough complaining, I managed to convince my husband to tile the floor. 

So what's my problem?  He's working full time in the meantime and meanwhile my kitchen is torn to h-e-double hockey sticks and back.  I have backboard in some places, tile in others, linoleum in others.. I can't risk spilling on the floor.  I can't really do dishes and risk dripping water on the backer board.  My kitchen is a WRECK.  I have tools where the salt should be, the Brita dispenser on the dining room table, the compost had to be passed out a window........

But I know it will be beautiful.  And tonight, whilst the kids are gone and cooking gluten-free wasn't a must, I managed to sneak in and make a quick meal-- spinach and lentil stuffed ravioli and brownies.

And I feel better.  But that weird episode of cupcake wars I watched the other night is really making me want to see what I can create with gluten-free flour mixes.. so I am hoping he'll be done by the end of the weekend.

And I am also hoping I'll be done with the bathroom.  Until then, all I can say is that you can make ravioli out of gyoza wrappers.

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