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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Setback

I had been extremely gung ho on cooking traditional foods. We were all happy, healthy, and then... fast forward a year and a half and I discovered couponing. I could go to Publix and come out with 8 bags of groceries for $7.  Um, yeah.  So we started eating a lot of processed food, and.... started being sickly.  So we backed off on that, but still trying to figure out the gluten free world, I still didn't do a whole lot that is traditional except for making chicken broth.  I also started off as a stay at home mom and now work full time.  But then...

About 3 weeks ago, all four of us got a virus that I affectionately refer to as the "death flu." My husband at one point ran a fever so high he was hallucinating.  That was pretty scary.

So we are on the road to traditional healthy eating again. I'm sure it won't be without its hiccups, but I am feeling better already.

Some steps we are taking:
-soaking grains before cooking
-making fermented foods
-taking cod liver oil
-making lots of bone broths and using them
-reducing processed food in the home to almost zero
-drinking raw milk when available
-eating grass fed and pastured meats and eggs when we can

So I say all this to say that I learned last night the youngest loves to help make sauerkraut. Glad to know I've got an apprentice.

Transferring the washed cabbage to the crock.

Salting and pounding the cabbage.

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