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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sloppy Joe Omelets & Baby Food

Once again we owe a special thanks to Mr. Sid for the sauce, for I used the leftover sauce to make sloppy joes the other night. They were incredible, even to M who doesn't love sloppy joes. And the morning after, I made sloppy joe omelets:

1/4 lb. sloppy joe meat leftovers
1 cup saurkraut
4 slices american cheese
6 eggs
Yield: 2 scrumptilicious omelets

Heat sloppy joe meat and saurkraut together in a skillet.

Break open 3 eggs and beat well or put in a blender for extra fluffiness. Heat oil in bottom of another skillet and pour eggs in. Shake the pan gently while eggs cook until just runny on top. Add meat mixture and two slices of cheese. Fold carefully with a spatula. Serve piping hot. Repeat for the second omelet.

It was a big hit with the adults, and M tried a bite and declared it delicious until she found out it was sloppy joe...

I've been trying to control what R eats as he enters the solids world. Baby food has so much junk added to it in the form of preservatives and what not, and many of the containers contain BisPhenol A, rumored to cause all sorts of issues. So I am, for the most part, making his food.

It might make me sound paranoid, but let me tell you, it is also more economical than buying the food at the store, and cuts down on packaging waste since I don't have all those little containers. Environmentally sound, healthy, cheap-- I'll take it.

So far, he's had bananas, apples, zucchini, carrots, and beets. My process is very simple, really.

I steam the food (except the bananas) and then puree in the food processor. With the exception of the carrots, that's it. The carrots I had to add some water to. I then freeze the food in ice cube trays, pop them out and place in large bags, and we can thaw out a block or two at a time. The only thing he has refused is the beets, but he will eat them mixed with carrots.

And he already doesn't want to be fed. He wants to feed himself. See how much he loves carrots?

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  1. I don't call that paraniod at all--I call it sane in the world we live in today. We eat lots of fresh veggies, dried beans, and organically raised meats. I hardly ever buy processed foods. I think both of us really feel better, too, since we aren't eating the preservatives and wheat anymore.

    You baby boy is so cute!