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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Socca.. how I love thee!

I tried socca a while back but wasn't overly thrilled with it, just kinda appeased that there was a bread-like substance about.  I obviously didn't do a good job making it.

Because now I'm in LOVE.

When I went to Seattle last week, I made a pan.  And I cut the slices and made a sandwich to take on the plane.  A SANDWICH.  A sandwich that didn't make me sick.  As a breadman's daughter, that means A LOT.

And I found a much, much easier recipe to make here on the New York Times.  I cut the amount of rosemary and pepper in half, but otherwise left it the same.  Served it with spaghetti (made with rice noodles) for dinner.  I didn't even miss the garlic bread.

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